Real Wealth: The 7 Key Pillars of a Wealth-Building Strategy

A guide for business owners and executives to transform income into wealth.

There is no security in having a high income. Nor is there security in having the majority of your assets in a company 401K or in one key business. It is in building a diversified base of wealth where security lies.

In this eBook, Louis Taylor shares his investing philosophy and discusses the 7 key pillars that have helped more than 175 business owners and executives secure their security, legacy, and financial freedom.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.”

– Yogi Berra

Building a Financial Freedom Plan with Taylor Wealth Management

We take a long-term approach to wealth creation, which is why we are purposeful in ensuring our firm is the right fit for you. We have a 5-step process to ensure alignment, right fit, and continued success.

Meet and greet

The first meeting is all about getting to know one another. There is no pressure to make any financial decisions in this first meeting nor do we propose a financial review right out of the gate. The first meeting is an opportunity for you to ask questions, and get to know each other. If you feel like you’d like to explore further, we’ll email you a fact finder so that we can begin to understand your situation better.

Future setting

What do you want your life after employment to look like? How soon would you like that day to come? We paint a clear picture and take a quick look at how you’re mapping against those goals. The goal is to get clear about what you need to have comfort and security both now and in the future.

Your Freedom Plan

We complete the 7 key elements of your financial plan (read the eBook above for details), painting a picture of your current state versus your desired end state. We take into account your values, giving goals, risk tolerance, and any other factor you would like considered.


Based on the outlined plan, we provide you with an interactive tool where you can manipulate scenarios and see how different inputs will change your end state. We’ll review all this with you and you also have independent access.


Finally, we deliver a clear explanation of the next steps that make your plan a reality.

The Wealth Creation Process

After you become a client, we have three formal review stages. You can request a meeting as often as you’d like.


Quarterly Asset Updates. After your first quarter with us, we’ll meet and review your statements. We’ll update you on what matters, what to keep, and how to make sense of it all. We’re of course available to you at any time to discuss in between.


Annual Portfolio Strategy Review. Once each year we conduct a comprehensive tactical portfolio meeting. At this time we’ll update you on the changing market realities and how we’re evolving our strategy in response to those conditions.


Ongoing Strategy Adjustments. While major portfolio changes happen only annually to potentially avoid experiencing losses due to short-term volatility, we are constantly evaluating our strategies as major economic changes happen. We will provide you with clear, and transparent communication as to the “why” behind our decisions and what the likely implications of those decisions are.


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